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We provide you with all the current information and news on silver Mexican coins. Current market values for your coins are determined by current silver spot price as well as grade, condition, and rarity. We are your number one resource for Mexican junk silver, numismatic Mexican coin grades, population numbers, and more. Find out the worth of your collection or click below to find some silver coins for any budget.

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Silver Market Explosion!

April 2014 Update: Silver prices are still well below 2011 prices, now is the time to buy! Mexican silver coins including the Libertad, Onza, and Peso continue to have extremely low premiums over spot. Get in on these by locating them at your local coin dealers, flea markets, online retailers including our website sponsors, and Ebay. These prices won’t stay down forever, invest in your future now with a purchase of Mexican junk silver. The mintage numbers are low, they also hold premiums better than the Buffalo’s and the American Silver Eagle.

Once the fed stops pumping massive amounts of money into the markets game is on, the markets will drop like a rock and the smart money will move into silver and gold. The markets cannot sustain the high flying theatrics of the past few years. Make sure your positioned to reap the profits in the precious metals market!

The explosion of the silver bullion market due to silver prices skyrocketing in 2011 has caused a massive influx of new silver coin collectors and investors. If you visit the coin collecting and bullion category on EBay today there is a huge demand for any and all silver including bullion bars, rounds, silver US coins, and world coins.

Historical silver spot price

explosion of silver prices since 2001

As investors flock to the precious metals to hedge against inflation and invest the price you pay over spot is increasing. To better position their investments, many investors are turning
to world coins to find a better value.

World Silver Coins

Canadian and Mexican 90% silver can be found at spot or below if your willing to spend a few minutes searching. The same is becoming increasingly scarce among the typical junk silver such as the standing liberty, Washington quarter, Franklin half, Kennedy half’s (90% and 40% silver), dimes (mercury, barber, roosies), war nickels, and the various dollar coins.

Many collectors and investors prefer actual government issue coinage versus new silver bullion rounds and bars for a variety of reasons. Use this site to research the Mexican coin market to find values in various silver Mexican coins include the Centavos, Peso, and Libertad coinage. Pay attention to the silver content and the current silver spot price to determine the value you are getting in any purchase or lot that you buy. Many of these Mexican coins have varying amounts of silver content so it is imperative you research so you don’t over pay.

The Mexican coin market isn’t quite as saturated as the bulk United States silver coinage so
you have a leg up on the competition to score great values in this particular part of the silver market. To better hedge against any potential losses, try to focus on coins with lower mintage and higher rarity that may have current numismatic collector value or the potential for increased value in the future.

The silver market is poised to continue its upward trends experienced in the last few years so it’s wise to start your research and began
buying Mexican silver coins today.