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The Mexican Silver Peso: An Introduction

At first, the Mexican Silver Peso coins were originally based on Imperial Spain’s Silver Dollar. The Mexican Silver Peso coins were made of pure Silver back in those days. The Peso coins were designed with distinct edge lines along with same exact weight for every coin minted. The Mexican Silver Peso coin was the very first currency in the world to do so to serve against counterfeit coinage. On 6th July, 1785,  this amazing and foolproof Mexican silver coin became the common accepted currency for all of North America, including the USA.

On 2nd April, 1792, America introduced the U.S dollar based on the Peso, with the exchange rate- 1 Dollar for 1 Peso. Up until 1857, the Peso was officially accepted as common currency in the U.S and in Canada. Until the 1970 great inflation event the Mexican Peso was quite a stable currency with admirable records and value.

These days, the Mexican Silver Peso coins are actually made of pure Silver. They are made from mixtures of various metals with Silver. But the coins still carry great traditional and historic values as well as a huge money value.

Mintage details of the Mexican Silver Peso in past years (1869- 1979)

Production Period Estimated Production Volume
1869 – 1913












         1955-1959 1’065,000







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Rare items with exceptional value, Safe investment ensuring large profit scale

Among a few safe investment sectors, Silver coin business is one of them. The Mexican Silver Peso coins are rare to find first hand. But they can be bought in small quantities as well as in big batches anytime you want. The Mexican Silver Peso coins are recognizable worldwide for its beautiful and unique design and for their historical significance.

The older the coin typically, the higher the value it carries. It is easy to find old mintage versions, but they can be expensive. If you’re buying them just for the fine silver content, it is a great investment. But sometimes sentimental values sometimes add a bigger price tag.

Investing in Silver bullion coins is a common and safe bet these days. The Silver pot price rates are worldwide accepted terms and can be dealt with anywhere.

Determining the price of the Mexican Silver Peso coins

Calculating the current market price of the Mexican Silver Peso coins is easy and simple. Price depends on the Silver coins weight. Multiplier is the number of coins required to gather 1 ounce of Silver. Multiply the current Silver spot pricing rates with the Multiplier and you will receive the amount of money you are dealing with.

Silver Content by Year(s)

Mexican Peso  Silver Weight (Troy Oz) Multiplier
1869-1913 1 Peso 1869-1913 1 Peso 0.7860 .786 x silver spot
1920-1945 1 Peso 1920-1945 1 Peso 0.3856 .3856 x silver spot
1947-1948 1 Peso 1947-1948 1 Peso 0.2250 .225 x silver spot
1950 1 Peso 1950 1 Peso 0.1286 .1286 x silver spot
1947-1948 5 Pesos 1947-1948 5 Pesos 0.8680 .8680 x silver spot
1950-1954 5 Pesos 1950-1954 5 Pesos 0.6430 .6430 x silver spot
1955-1959 5 Pesos 1955-1959 5 Pesos 0.4178 .4178 x silver spot
1955-1960 10 Pesos 1955-1960 10 Pesos 0.8356 .8356 x silver spot
1968-1972 25 Pesos 1968-1972 25 Pesos 0.5208 .5208 x silver spot
1977-1979 100 Pesos 1977-1979 100 Pesos 0.6428 .6428 x silver spot